Dino Bolos, PT, OCS, COMT                                                                                  

Dino has over 15 years experience serving Chicagoland as a physical therapist and has multiple advanced certifications.  He works with patients of all ages.  Dino's patients travel long distances to receive his treatments.  He believes that all patients deserve patience from their therapist.  He is a strong believer in empowering his patients.  In this way, Dino takes the time necessary to educate each of his patients on the proper exercises needed to heal as well as offer specific, proven recommendations for gaining wellness and improving health.  He expedites recovery by using specific hands-on manual therapy techniques to abolish pain and improve functional movement.  His goal is determine the cause of his patient's pain so that they will not only recover, but can also prevent future injury.  Dino guides each patient on the path for continued strength and good health even after they have been discharged.  He is a graduate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and, of course, a devoted Illini fan!  He is dedicated to his wife, three sons, one daughter and his passion for helping others heal.  He leads an active life participating in sports such as basketball, softball, golf as well as weight training and running 5K's.  He looks forward to meeting you and helping you return to an active life.

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August 28, 2023

Improve Your Posture While Working Remotely from Home with these Physical Therapy Tips

Are you one of the many individuals who find themselves working from home? While remote work has its advantages, it also comes with a set of challenges, including maintaining good posture. Prolonged periods of sitting in front of a computer can lead to poor posture, resulting in discomfort and potential long-term health issues. At Active Life Physical Therapy in Palatine, Illinois, we believe that physical therapy can be a game-changer for your posture. In this blog, we will explore how physical therapy can help you improve your posture while working from home.

Understanding the Impact of Poor Posture:

Poor posture, often exacerbated by extended sitting and hunching over a computer, can lead to various musculoskeletal problems. Common issues associated with poor posture include neck and back pain, muscle tension, disc and nerve compression, headaches, and reduced flexibility. By addressing these issues early on, you can prevent them from becoming chronic and affecting your overall well-being.

Evaluation and Customized Treatment Plans:

Here at Active Life Physical Therapy, our experienced physical therapists perform a thorough evaluation to assess your posture and identify any underlying musculoskeletal imbalances. This assessment helps us design a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. By targeting the root causes of poor posture, we can help you achieve long-lasting improvements.

Strengthening Exercises:

One of the key components of physical therapy for posture improvement is targeted strengthening exercises. These exercises focus on strengthening the core, back, and neck muscles, which play a crucial role in maintaining proper alignment and posture. For example, most people have heard of exercises to work their “core” muscles to support the lower back, but did you know your neck has “core” muscles too? (hint: they’re in your throat).  Our physical therapists will guide you through a series of neck and back “core” exercises that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine, even while working from home.

Stretching and Flexibility Training:

In addition to strengthening exercises, incorporating stretching and flexibility training into your routine can greatly benefit your posture. Tight muscles can pull the body out of alignment, leading to poor posture. Our physical therapists will teach you effective stretching techniques that help alleviate muscle tension, improve flexibility, and restore balance to your body.

Manual Therapy (Spinal and Soft Tissue Mobilization)

With prolonged poor posture, muscle and fascia restrictions develop creating “knots” that become tight and painful.  Manual therapy is highly effective to reduce these myofascial restrictions and our physical therapists are highly trained in soft tissue mobilization and manipulation to abolish these restrictions by using specific techniques such as cross-friction massage, ART (Active Release Technique) and strain-counterstrain.  Additionally, the spine can lose mobility between the individual vertebrae with poor posture.  In this case, spinal mobilization is effectively used by our physical therapists to restore proper segmental spinal mobility and abolish pain.

Ergonomic Recommendations:

Creating an ergonomic workspace is essential for maintaining good posture while working from home. Our physical therapists will provide you with valuable recommendations on ergonomics, such as proper desk and chair height, monitor placement, and keyboard positioning. These adjustments will promote better posture and reduce strain on your muscles and joints.

Postural Awareness and Education:

At Active Life Physical Therapy, we emphasize the importance of postural awareness and education. Our physical therapists will educate you on proper body mechanics, correct sitting and standing posture, and techniques for maintaining optimal alignment throughout the day. By developing this awareness, you can actively correct and prevent poor posture habits.

Working from home doesn't have to mean sacrificing your posture and overall well-being. With the help of physical therapy at Active Life Physical Therapy in Palatine, Illinois, you can improve your posture and minimize the negative effects of prolonged sitting. Our customized treatment plans, incorporating strengthening exercises, stretching, and ergonomic recommendations, will empower you to maintain a healthier posture throughout your workday. Don't let poor posture related pain limit your potential!  Reach out to our expert physical therapists today to take the first step towards better posture and a healthier lifestyle!  

October 12, 2023


**Unlocking the Benefits of Private Practice Physical Therapy in Palatine, IL**

Welcome again to Active Life Physical Therapy and Wellness, your trusted partner for personalized care and rehabilitation in Palatine, IL. When it comes to your journey to recovery and well-being, choosing the right physical therapy provider can make all the difference. In this blog, we'll explore why opting for a private practice physical therapy office like ours can be a game-changer compared to large corporations.

Why Choose Active Life Physical Therapy and Wellness in Palatine, IL

Personalized, Individualized Care

At Active Life Physical Therapy and Wellness, we believe that every patient is unique. Unlike large corporate physical therapy centers, we take the time to get to know you personally. Our expert therapists create customized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you receive the most effective care possible.

Hands-On Attention

One significant advantage of choosing a private practice is the level of hands-on attention you'll receive. In our Palatine, IL office, we prioritize one-on-one sessions with our skilled therapists. This focused approach allows us to closely monitor your progress, make real-time adjustments, and provide the hands-on care necessary for your recovery journey.

Faster Recovery Times

When it comes to rehabilitation, time is often of the essence. Our team at Active Life Physical Therapy and Wellness understands this. By receiving dedicated care from our experienced therapists, you can expect faster recovery times compared to large corporate facilities where you may be just another patient in the crowd.

Convenient Scheduling and Flexibility

We recognize that your time is valuable. Private practices like ours in Palatine, IL, offer flexible scheduling options, making it easier for you to receive treatment without disrupting your daily routine. Say goodbye to long wait times and rigid appointment schedules.

A Supportive and Caring Environment

Active Life Physical Therapy and Wellness is more than just a therapy center; we're a supportive community dedicated to your well-being. Our Palatine, IL office fosters a warm and welcoming atmosphere where you can feel comfortable and motivated to achieve your rehabilitation goals.

Direct Access to Expertise

Private practice physical therapy allows you direct access to highly skilled professionals who are committed to your success. You won't have to navigate through layers of bureaucracy to reach your therapist or make decisions about your treatment plan.

Tailored Home Exercise Programs

In addition to in-office therapy, we provide you with personalized home exercise programs to accelerate your recovery. Our therapists ensure you have the tools and knowledge needed to continue progressing between sessions.

When it comes to your health and well-being, choosing a private practice physical therapy office like Active Life Physical Therapy and Wellness in Palatine, IL, can offer you unparalleled benefits. With personalized care, hands-on attention, faster recovery times, and a supportive environment, we are dedicated to helping you regain your active life.

Experience the difference today by scheduling an appointment with us. Discover why so many individuals in Palatine, IL, trust our private practice for their physical therapy needs. Your journey to recovery starts here at Active Life Physical Therapy and Wellness. Contact us today to take the first step toward a healthier, pain-free life.

October 24, 2023

Accelerate Your Post-Surgery Recovery with Hands-On Manual Physical Therapy in Palatine, IL

Undergoing surgery is a significant step towards regaining your health and mobility, but the journey to full recovery doesn't end in the operating room. At Active Life Physical Therapy and Wellness in Palatine, IL, we understand that proper post-operative care is crucial for a successful recovery. In this blog, we will shed light on the importance of hands-on manual physical therapy after surgery and how it can help you get back on your feet faster.

The Role of Physical Therapy in Post-Surgery Recovery

Surgery, no matter how minor or major, often leaves your body in a weakened state. It can lead to stiffness, reduced mobility, and muscle weakness. This is where the expertise of our dedicated physical therapists comes into play. Our hands-on manual physical therapy is tailored to your specific needs and surgical procedure, ensuring that you receive the personalized care required for a smooth recovery.

Pain Management

One of the primary goals of post-surgery physical therapy is to manage pain effectively. Our therapists employ gentle manual techniques that alleviate discomfort and reduce the need for pain medications, which can have undesirable side effects.

Restoration of Mobility

After surgery, you may find it challenging to move as freely as you used to. Our physical therapists will work with you to restore your range of motion, allowing you to regain independence in your daily activities.

Prevention of Scar Tissue

Scar tissue can develop around the surgical site, leading to stiffness and reduced function. Manual physical therapy techniques help prevent excessive scar tissue formation and ensure that your tissues heal optimally.

Strengthening Muscles

Muscle atrophy is a common concern after surgery due to limited movement. Our therapists will design a customized exercise program that targets muscle groups affected by the surgery, helping you regain strength and stability.

Improved Circulation

Physical therapy enhances blood circulation, which is essential for delivering oxygen and nutrients to the surgical site. This promotes faster healing and reduces the risk of complications.

Faster Recovery

With the support of hands-on manual physical therapy, you can expect a faster recovery time. Our skilled therapists will guide you through a structured rehabilitation plan, ensuring that you progress safely and efficiently.

Why Choose Active Life Physical Therapy and Wellness?

At Active Life Physical Therapy and Wellness in Palatine, IL, we prioritize your well-being. Our team of experienced physical therapists is dedicated to providing the highest quality care, tailored to your unique needs. We take pride in helping our patients achieve their recovery goals and regain their quality of life.

Don't underestimate the importance of hands-on manual physical therapy in your post-surgery recovery journey. Whether you've had orthopedic surgery, a joint replacement, or any other surgical procedure, our team at Active Life Physical Therapy and Wellness is here to support